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Darkwing Duck (NES) - Villains (Remastered) by FumuLover
Darkwing Duck (NES) - Villains (Remastered)

Here's another Darkwing Duck re-edited sprite sheet.
This time I've done one for most the main villains
including the entire Fearsome Five and a few members
of the The Fiendish Organization for World Larceny
(or F.O.W.L. for short) mainly a couple of Eggmen
(the buffed up one custom made) and Steelbeak
(plus a custom stance and the chair
without Steelbeak sitting in it.)

Also the original Negaduck sprite sheet was made by
Silverbolt, so please give credit to him for it.

Darkwing Duck (NES) - Darkwing Duck (Remastered) by FumuLover
Darkwing Duck (NES) - Darkwing Duck (Remastered)
So here's some more Darkwing Duck sprites,
this time I've got something completely different.
I've re-edited DW's sprite by changing his color palette
to better reflect the show. Also I've made my own custom
sprites for Launchpad, Gosalyn and Honker based on
the graphics from DuckTales also made by Capcom.
And I've even included DW's catchphrases!
Use them for anything you want and give thanks to me
if you want to.
Darkwing Duck Advance (NES) (Hack) - Miscellaneous by FumuLover
Darkwing Duck Advance (NES) (Hack) - Miscellaneous

Now for the last sheet on Darkwing Duck Advance,
I've ripped all of the miscellaneous sprites.
All of the objects are just the same from
the original game but with a palette swap.

Also there's a new bonus game background
which uses pieces from the beta rom of the originals.

And the new ending which also shows
Morgana and Gizmoduck who didn't appear anywhere
in the game untill now (also it looks like
8-bit demake of the screencap from the cartoon.)

Darkwing Duck Advance (NES) (Hack) - Negaduck by FumuLover
Darkwing Duck Advance (NES) (Hack) - Negaduck

And now for the moment you've all been waiting for!
The final boss of Darkwing Duck Advance,
Darkwing's arch nemesis, Negaduck!

In my opinion, this the main highlight of the whole hack
since Negaduck is one of my favourite villains from the show,
and that my only nitpic with the original game is that
some of the remaining characters show that didn't appear in the game was him.
So it's really cool that the guys who made this hack did a really good improvement
on the original by including him in it. Plus even though Negaduck's sprite is just
a palette swap of DW's it's actually really good. By the way, Silverbolt
also made his own custom sheet of Negaduck which is really good also
and it's even made up of all custom actions. Go check it out through the link here.…

As for the fight itself, it's pretty much similar to the Wolfduck
fight from the original, expect that it's much harder due
to the two spikes in the middle of the floor and that Negaduck's
attack pattern is more varied. Also included is the cutscene image
that appears that the start of the stage and at the ending
(which looks like they just took a screencap from the show
and edited it in 8-bit graphics.)

Darkwing Duck Advance (NES) (Hack) - Enemies by FumuLover
Darkwing Duck Advance (NES) (Hack) - Enemies
Next up in the Darkwing Duck Advance sprite sheets,
are the new enemies for the extra stage.
The crow and bat are just palette swapped variants
of thier counterparts from the original game.
The exclusive ones includes the spider and mini NegaThunderquack
which is the trickiest enemy to kill let alone avoid
since it's movement is very similar to the small flying egg enemies
from the Steelbeak battle.


Travis Langford
United States
I been tagged by :iconnickaloon:

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1. What is your favorite Pokémon to inflate?
2. Which of my OC balloon mice is your favourite?
3. Why you like inflation so much?
4. Do you like to watch Angry Birds Toons?
5. Which Angry Birds Toons episode did you like the most?
6. Which favourite plants do you like in Plants vs Zombies series?
7. If one of my balloon mice is enter in the real life, what would you feel?
8. In Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, which of the 4 ghost gang do you like?
9. What do you want, if nickaloon balloon mice is appeared as an animated cartoon?
10. What is your inflated pokemon set you want to collect as your collection?

My Questions!
1.  Who's your favorite pony?
2.  Who's your 2nd favorite pony?
3.  What's your favorite movie?
4.  What's your favorite video game series?
5.  Do you like Adventure Time / Regular Show / and / or the Amazing World of Gumball?
6.  What's your favorite episode of either shows?
7.  Do you like bunnies?
8.  If any ponies could enter real life, how would you feel?
9.  Do you like LEGOs?
10.  What would you do with a pony in real life?

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